bestof_icons | results

The result at [ profile] bestof_icons are in
and this was voted as my best icon of the year!

a short comment here because I Love Discussing haha )

Please check the beautiful post with the results, everyone
did such a wonderful job and I hope this year will be as splendid!

P.S.: I've been a little busy lately but it should all go back to normal by the end of the month.
I hope everyone's having a lovely time! :D

multifandom | february mix

001-013 | multifandom
014-020 | vikings for [ profile] the7days

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Promo (& icons!)


icons remade in 2016

originals: i / ii / iii

iv / v

icons remade in 2017

vi / vii

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sign ups for this year's Graphics Gift Exchange at [ profile] calendarsquares
are open through December 5, come join the fun!

[033] To break the spell

[01-26] Multifandom for icon challenges
[27-56] Crimson Peak

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[032] I belong to the ground now

[01-20] Game of Thrones for [ profile] theseasonwheel
[21-26] Alternative icons

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hiatus (or, stating the obvious)

Hello everybody ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
as you've noticed I haven't been posting for a while.
I thought I wouldn't be too busy in July/August, but
I'm studying for the last few exams at university
and as for now I don't have much time to make icons (sadly).
I count on coming back by the end of September. Until then,
I wish you a very lovely time and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!


P.S.: I'll try to log in from time to time, but I can't promise. :)

[031] You might just sit

[01-20] Game of Thrones for [ profile] 20muses
[21-30] Alternative icons

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